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There are thousands of insects in nature but it is only when they start bothering us humans as we call them pests. They may trouble us in many different ways and many of them can cause serious problems. Here we present the most common pests you may encounter indoors.

How To Identify Pests Before Calling An Exterminator

Before you call a Prompt Action Pest Control, you should make sure your pest problem is not just a nuisance that can be eliminated with a simple solution to remove an attractive food source. If the pest is really more than you can handle, take the following steps and then call an exterminator:

  • Describe the plague, if visible. Note its location, together with its movements, its habits and any injuries you see the imposing surrounding areas or food.

  • Derive a description of the pest if you can not see it. Note any noise, droppings, nesting materials, soles or small piles of sawdust, and any damage to nearby furniture, building, plants or food stores.

  • Catch a specimen of the pest if it is an insect, but only if you can do this without personal risk. Locking the insect in a jar, you can review the insect up close and identify it.

Fighting The Pest Yourself

Once you have found the right pest, there are descriptions and pictures of what the pest looks, common problems they can cause, as well as tips and advice for how you can avoid that particular pest (own pest control) and what to consider in a professional remediation.

Get Help From A Pest Control Company

Assuming you have verified the type of pest control companies that you need (ie ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, termites or rodents, for example), you can choose a pest control company based on some simple road signs. To avoid conflicts and poor service later find out in advance how willing a company is to answer your questions, provide the services you need and get the job done right.

Things You Need or Ask The Pest Control Company
  • Chemical Treatment List
  • Contract

Question of chemical products will be used in the home and the equipment needed for pest control process. Determine if you have a high tolerance to chemicals or if you are indifferent. Not all chemicals are safe for children and pets, and need to be investigated for their role in causing allergies and sensitivities. Talk to a doctor to learn about the potential risks of active ingredients used in the chemical treatment that will be used in the home.

Determine if you need additional services. Ask about pest control company can repair window screens and caulk cracks (fees may apply), which can prevent ants, rodents and other pests from coming into the home later. If convenience is your goal, choose a pest control company that offers this kind of one-stop shopping.

Ask about follow-up applications. Determine if you need monthly, quarterly or yearly pest control. If you do not require regular visits, review the contract to determine if you can contact the pest control company when needed and not be subject to scheduled visits. Monthly service, for example, may result in costly charges for chemical treatments that may not be necessary if the pest problem has not returned.

Evaluate pest control company satisfaction policy. Ask about pest control guarantees on time service, providing remediation services, if necessary, and agree to resolve disputes within a certain time. Pay attention to the terms of your contract and evaluate how well the company can answer your questions in a satisfactory manner.

  • Choose a licensed pest control company with a certified operator.

  • The price is not an indicator of quality of service, so interviewing potential pest control companies and base decisions on the information you receive.

Pest Management and Remediation Services

We have many years experience in the pest industry and always provide a first class protection against pests for our customers.

Contact Wausau Pest Control office when you need our help with pest remediation or if you have questions about pest control. You simply looking up your closest office to the right. Enter your zip code in the search box.

As a homeowner, you have insurance / agreements directly with us or you included it in your house insurance. This includes pest cleanup cost. Please read the condition of what applies for your insurance. Remediation of pests booked directly with the nearest Wausau Pest Control .

If you live in an apartment, we recommend that you contact your landlord or tenant to control pests which remediation company that contracts are with. As apartment owners can book a pest remediation directly with us if the pest is in your apartment, for the general areas should the property owner / landlord handle the contact.

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